Black chickpeas

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Our black chickpeas are a product that needs soaking, it is an ancient product that wants its times!

Unlike other chickpeas, this variety is completely black and has its own wrinkled skin that protects the inside, maintaining a stronger aroma.

The Greeks considered these chickpeas as an aphrodisiac product, the ancient Romans fried the legume, … it is an ancient product with a thousand possible uses. Consider that the product, in terms of calories, has only 120 calories per 100 dry grams and about 17% are fiber.

Our advice is: soak the product for 24 hours in warm water, hot water from the plumbing is fine, there is no need to heat it on the stove. If you have time, you can keep them for 48 hours in water at room temperature. Once this phase is finished, put them on a slow cooking, add spices, aromas or make a simple “boil”, but do not overdo the aromas. This product has its own particular taste that would otherwise fail.

Try to cook them and serve them fresh with a little rosemary, try to cook them in a soup with a little garlic, try to make us a “pasta and chickpeas” … the product is excellent even if we want to combine it with shrimps or a nice soup as advised by the peasants of the Murgia.


Buy them now and combine them with grandma’s soup to have two completely different products!


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