For many years the cultivation of the yellow spice: saffron has been re-introduced in Valnerina (and specifically in the Municipality of Cascia). Currently it has been re-evaluated in our area, where the Zafferano Purissimo di Cascia brand has also been established.

The Saffron of the Lavosi Maurizio farm is produced and packaged as indicated by the association of the Very Pure Saffron of Cascia and is grown in the fields between Cascia and Norcia, always at an altitude above 800 m.

All the individual pistils are checked and then packaged in the glass jar. Each individual package must be placed in the box and sold with the seal of authenticity of the Zafferano Di Cascia Association. Read the details about who we are and about our company on the page Azienda Agricola .

The cultivation of saffron in Cascia (Lo Zaffarame di Cafcia) is also mentioned in some medieval texts.

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