In these pages and in the links you will find below, we can show you a thousand and one ways to use our products in the kitchen.

The recipes that, traditionally or in an innovative way, use our products are always tasty and at the same time healthy: the use of cereals and legumes in your main dishes will make them rich in proteins, vitamins, fibers and a lot of nature.

The Maurizio Lavosi farm manages to bring original and genuine products to your tables, the motto that drives us is precisely the care of the authentic product of our land, the Valnerina, in particular the Cascia area.

We love to grow and package everything that can be produced in our mountains; in recent years we have also added a spice rediscovered in some old local texts from the Middle Ages to the typical products of the Valnerina: Cascia saffron.

Within these pages you will find perfect recipes for the use of cereals such as spelled, legumes such as lentils, spices such as pure Cascia saffron. The combination of these products, combined with a good and healthy cuisine, can give a lot of taste, a lot of energy, a lot of tradition within your culinary preparations, for a good and healthy dish every day or to amaze and delight your guests in the Special occasions.

Some recipes may require slightly longer preparation times, as the product is not industrial and pre-processed, therefore there may be a need for slower and more careful preparation. Other recipes can be prepared in a rather short time, thanks to the use of ingredients that do not require soaking, but always pay attention to respect the instructions you find, recipe by recipe.

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