The farm

The farm has been started and handed down for generations. It began when the land was still cultivated by hand, with plows and oxen, then it was passed from father to son and the craft was handed down, with it the products.

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown and, above all, specializing in the cultivation of the most sought-after legumes and cereals, such as spelledand lentils. The saffron spice has also been added to the latter, which is currently being revalued in our area, where the Saffron Purissimo di Cascia brand was established.

All products are also packaged within the company itself.

Find out where we are

The land where our products are grown are located in the hills of the Municipalities of Cascia and Norcia and, being at an altitude, give a product that is difficult to achieve elsewhere.

Our brand wants to represent a guarantee of quality and seriousness in the selection of agricultural products that you can bring to your tables.

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