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With corn flour you can create one of the simplest and most popular dishes – polenta. This course is certainly traditional, it reminds us of peasant life with large “gold-colored” dishes.

Use of cornmeal in the kitchen

There are many sauces that can be used to create tasty polenta: with sausage, with mushrooms or even beans and onion. Some delight in polenta with melted cheese, others more courageous even risk a sweet and extravagant condiment like “nutella”!

Let’s say that the fioretto corn flour is perfect for the preparation of your winter dishes and, with a fine grain, it allows you to have a homogeneous dough with a compact and rich taste.

You can also make the best use of this flour to make a tasty version of polenta croutons, a dish that uses polenta dough and then “toasts” it later.

If you want to create something different, with this product your traditional doughs, such as bread and pizza, will have a more complete flavor thanks to the aroma of corn.

The ancient flour

If you want to try an even different dough we can advise you to also consider spelled flour, our original flour, find out all the details on the product page.

Tips for frying

Some also use craved cornmeal to create a special dough for the products to be fried. How do you prefer it?

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