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Given the numerous properties of our spelled, we have decided to add spelled flour to our catalog, an excellent product for use in the kitchen for both sweet and savory products. The name of the cereal “farro”, in Latin is “far” and the word flour derives from this term..

Spelled flour is used in the preparation of specialties, including desserts, of our area. For example, polenta alla Valnerina is a tasty dish that uses this flour. Even the biscuits that we offer here are made by substituting spelled for soft wheat flour.

The preparation of dishes with the use of this flour will create a series of quality products in your kitchen because, not being an industrial product, the staple of your recipes will be a product that, if you wish, is also available in organic version.

The grinding of this flour takes place trying to leave the main qualities of this cereal unaltered.

As for the suggested recipes, it is absolutely impossible to exclude the combined use of this flour with other types, creating more complex and different doughs from the standard. By using more soft wheat flour, softer doughs can be created. If, on the other hand, we add more spelled flour, we can obtain a more “peasant” flavor.

Appearance of spelled flour

The appearance is an ivory white, just like the fresh spelled grain, with some Havana notes. It may contain darker traces, the product is not as refined as an industrial flour can be, this is its biggest advantage. It is a more “raw” product than the flour we are used to, however it does not have the darker signs characteristic of ripe spelled ear, it is not a wholemeal flour: the cereal was dehusked before processing and grinding

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Place of production: Cascia

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