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Chickpeas are a small pride of the Lavosi Maurizio farm. A small legume, available in several variations, which can give the maximum of its taste in the tables of the most modest dishes. At the same time, with the appropriate preparations, even in elaborate reinterpretations.

Surely you have tried the classic “pasta and chickpeas”, as well as the variants where it is used in “creamy” mode, such as the tasty cod fillet with chickpea cream. In cold dishes, the cold product blends perfectly with the tastes of the earth. There are excellent combinations with fresh onions or with the more distant flavors of the sea.

The legume is available in small, standard, organic, or “medium” format, making it excellent also for delicious alternatives. In practice it is good both as a classic product for soups and soups, and in a small version for finger food.

We also find chickpeas mixed with other products for the preparation of our soups such as grandma’s soup or mixed soup of cereals and legumes.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a niche product, something that you will not easily find around, you can take a look at the BLACK CHICKPEAS always grown by our company. The latter is a very niche quality and has recently been reevaluated in that it is an excellent source of minerals. There are: potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It guarantees excellent percentages of vitamins B, C, K and ultimately also vitamin E.

Try for example the chickpeas peasant style, here the recipe

Place of production: Cascia

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