Corona ciavattoni beans

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The “corona” ciavattoni beans are a type of large beans. These beans are larger than “Spagna” and similar in size to “devils“, but the coloring is completely different. As with Spain beans, this legume is completely white.

The skin of ciavattoni beans (and its structure) is not as hard and tough as other products of the same size, but it is not thin either. In order to better manage the preparation of the dish, they must be soaked for at least 12 hours. We keep them in a bowl immersed in water for 24 hours, in order to have a shorter cooking time.

Take a look at the recipe for stewed beans, a good proposal also for the possibility of preparing the dish in a really beautiful way to see.

For those looking for a more practical recipe than ever, we recommend Chiara’s recipe, which may also be suitable for other products such as borlotti beans.

The Lavosi Maurizio farm guarantees the quality of the products offered in its catalog.

The history of these legumes does not identify a single place and, with the variants available, the history of “evolution” of each single species has been characterized in every place.

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