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The weasel beans are probably the direct descendants of those who were “worshiped” by the Egyptians and called “vilem phaseulum” by the Romans.

Their story almost certainly developed in Africa. In Egypt the yield was not as high as in Europe and the beans called dolichoswere destined for the priests. It was a product reserved for those who were engaged in the performance of various rites. The term actually meant “black eyed beans”.

In Italy, however, the product has always been very popular, so much so that it was destined for all the people. Beans have always had a good yield in our territory and have always been a more than common product.

After 1500 the product “clashed” with other species. The beans were imported from the Americas, a place rich in several different species and this “cowpea” or “wink bean” has lost its identification as the most common bean.

However, legumes remain a perfect product for large-scale use. The yield of cultivation, associated with the excellent qualities for human health, have always aroused the attention of the people.

Thanks to the great yield, the product is always economical. The properties related to nutrition make it a product also recommended by nutritionists.

This small bean is to be consumed after “soaking”, however it is a dry product. Cooking times vary from about 30 minutes (for cooking with a pressure cooker) to 2 hours for classic cooking. Take a look at the basic preparation here.

If you are looking for another “small” bean, we recommend that you look at the round beans.

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