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Lima beans are part of the Phaseolus lunatus family, a large family of beans that includes various types of beans that can be grouped by some of their characteristics. Externally they are brown in color, often with purple streaks.

The shape is similar to that of devil beans, but they are two different products. They can be considered more similar to ciavattoni.

They all come from some crops of Central America and Latin America, they were imported to Europe after 1500 with the arrival of the products of the new continent and they have also settled very well in European crops. They are plants used to crops located near the Andes and Peru, they resist very well to various types of soils.

Despite their size, lima beans remain very soft. Precisely for this characteristic, in some cases, they are also called “butter beans”.

Although they are good in any use, they remain very popular for the preparation of soups. We point out, for example, the tomato and bean soup.

Among the common beans it is necessary to point out this specific type as it is rich in fiber. In many cases the “file” is also indicated to keep our intestines under control.


There are good percentages of calcium and iron inside these beans, but it should be noted that this legume always belongs to the category of beans and the percentage of the main nutrients are carbohydrates. If we analyze the percentages, we identify that in this specific legume over 60% of its structure is in the form of carbohydrates.

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