Devils beans

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Devil beans are a particular version of the bean which, unlike the others, remains more compact and requires more cooking. Unlike many other types of legumes, these beans are larger and this characteristic must be taken into consideration when thinking about the dish we want to make.

The strong taste of this product, with the right preparation in terms of cooking times and preventive soaking, will give an exotic touch to your kitchen.

Tips for cooking devils beans

The bean has a reddish cover, very visible on the edges, with almost completely black spots in the central part. The central part is lighter but, even after standard cooking, it remains very compact. It tends not to flake off.

It lends itself very well to the creation of spicy dishes, exclusively with tomato or enriched with sausages, ham or for the standard preparation of beans with pork rinds.

The best solution for cooking is in a terracotta pot with the addition of chilli.

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