Grandma’s soup

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Grandma’s soup is a tasty product, especially when combined with traditional flavors. It is possible to cook this type of soup in simple, traditional recipes and, thanks to its properties, it will remain a low-fat dish. The properties of the raw materials make it a product with a high content of vitamins and essential elements for proper nutrition.

Contains: broken lentils, hulled lentils, broken chickpeas, broken cicerchia, broken spelled

Inside the grandmother’s soup you will find lentils, both whole and peeled, broken cicerchia, broken spelled and broken chickpeas.

How to serve grandma’s soup

Once cooked, this soup becomes a creamy mixture that goes perfectly with any type of vegetable and with the simplest and “peasant” product: potatoes.

The intake of fats, among the legumes and cereals present in this soup, is really reduced to a minimum and is due to the fact that many of the products are peeled. This package allows you to create an easily digestible product suitable for many different tastes.

As for other soups, traditional recipes and slow cooking are recommended, perhaps combined with a good minestrone.

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If you’ve tried our soup and want to try something different, with a greater consistency, we can recommend the rustic soup . This soup combines barley, spelled and lentil to create a flavor suitable for all tables and, at the same time, allows you to create dishes with a different thickness.

For sure you can also evaluate the mixed soup of cereals and legumes that combines almost all our products in a dish that it becomes really colorful.

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