Rustic soup

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Try the rustic soup, a soup with few ingredients that will win you over in various types of recipes, both classic and modern.

The rustic soup made only with spelled, lentils and barley

With our rustic soup you will be able to meet the oldest flavor of spelled and the taste of lentils together with our most adaptable cereal: our barley. These three ingredients, expertly cooked, can give rise to fantastic recipes with local ingredients. Try combining them with potatoes or, if you want to experience a more refined taste, with our saffron.

The ingredients of the rustic soup

The spelled contained in this soup is strictly cultivated and harvested in the fields of the Lavosi Maurizio farm and is also available in an organic version. If you are interested in products BIO click here to buy our organic pearl spelled or organic broken spelled .

The second ingredient of our soup is lentil, a mountain lentil that is highly appreciated for its composition and its very thin skin.

The last ingredient in this soup is barley, which is pearled, and goes perfectly with spelled and lentil in the preparation of more or less caloric winter dishes.

Some ideas for cooking in the kitchen

For those who want to try one of the tastiest and most flavoursome versions, as well as local, we recommend adding bacon to the soup ingredients. The bacon, like many other seasoned, is a typical product of the cuisine of central Italy, with a particular reference to the art of butchery.

For those looking for a very simple recipe we can recommend the version that includes, in its preparation, only a vegetable broth and a small onion. Probably the latter is the version we recommend most often: a classic, simple soup made with peasant ingredients.

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Rustic soup, Organic rustic soup

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