Spelled cakes

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If you haven’t tried them yet, we recommend that you take a look at our spelled cakes, they are a suitable product to replace rusks or slices of bread to create, with lots of taste, a break rich in flavor and cereals . There are guides on how to make cakes at home … but with a few clicks you can receive our biscuits directly to your home all year round.

Spelled cakes from Lavosi Maurizio farm contain the cereal we are most attached to, probably the oldest, spelled.

Following a small process, which has no particular impact on the organoleptic characteristics of the product, we have created our spelled cakes, a perfect product for your moment of relaxation.

How to use spelled cakes

This product is perfect as a substitute for the classic snacks for the youngest, especially if they are combined with a jam or even, for the sweet tooth, with spreadable chocolate. The biscuit is compact and does not spoil easily. The spelled flavor is fairly neutral and lends itself well to sweet flavors.

Obviously this product can also be used for “savory and not sweet” tastings.
An idea for making an aperitif is the combination of mascarpone, salt, chives and dried tomatoes. Prepare your sauce by mixing the cheese with the salt and the chives cut into small pieces, then, afterwards, add the dried tomatoes cut into squares of maximum 1 cm. The final mixture will be spread on the biscuits and brought to the table. A series of strong and decisive flavors will alternate and create your “incredible” aperitif.

Any ideas for a little more special use? See how to use the biscuits in pizza mode .

If you are looking for another spelled snack try puffed spelled with chocolate or the simple puffed spelled .

Discover the taste of a breakfast that is richer in authenticity and at the same time super tasty, try it also with local jams or with cream cheese.

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Place of production: Cascia

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