Puffed spelled with chocolate

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Create your own chocolate puffed spelled snack and get used to good and tasty products. Our chocolate spelled is the most appreciated product by all children: with its lightness and its intense chocolate taste it can be appreciated by all the sweet tooth and, at the same time, it represents the right compromise between a greedy product and a healthy product rich in fiber.

On the web there are also some guides that allow you to create delicious puffed spelled snacks with our product, such as DIY energy bars. Puffed cereal is a really great product for making these quick snacks. With a few grams of dark chocolate (such as Norcia 99% extra dark chocolate) and a handful of this puffed spelled you can create a special product. First of all you need to melt the chocolate and then mix it with the spelled. It must be very well blended to then be spread and leveled on a work surface, so that, as it cools, it hardens and can be cut into bars.

Dark chocolate has its optimal melting point between 50 ° and 55 ° and this temperature must not be exceeded during the processing phases. Once our chocolate has melted, pour the chocolate spelled and continue mixing. If we have oat flakes we can mix them to create a more complex and tasty product.

Beyond this use, we can also imagine having a ready-made spelled snack: let’s open the bag and eat the product!

Try our spelled with honey or our simple puffed spelled. If you are looking for a slightly different product, try our puffed spelled cakes.


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Puffed spelled with chocolate, Puffed spelled with organic chocolate

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