Pearl barley

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Pearl barley is an ideal product for the preparation of soups, cold dishes and winter dishes. Its structure is similar to rice and the refining that is done leads it to be pearly. In the same way in which the rice grain is “stripped”, we also proceed to pearling with our barley.

The barley plant, unlike spelled and lentil, has relatively less historical traces. There are historical evidences that identify it “barely” to 7000 BC.
This type of product is excellent from a yield point of view, compared to other cereals (such as spelled) it allows us to create a greater quantity of product. At the same time, unfortunately, there are problems with ripening and harvest: if the threshing is not done at the right time, the plant tends to “get enticed”.
The same problem can also occur in case of heavy rain or particularly adverse weather phenomena.
We have decided to offer our customers both the standard version and the organic version, to enjoy the product with the least invasive cultivation techniques possible.

Soups and minestrone with pearl barley

Within our catalog you will find various products that use this cereal. They also advise you to put grandma’s soup and mountain minestrone in your cart.
These and other packages also contain a good percentage of barley, and, to give a more particular taste to your dishes, they are enriched with other products.
A great selection of dishes that can replace risotto in all respects: orzotti. Among the recipes we make with barley most often are a large selection of soups, frequently paired with potatoes and vegetables.
Our pearl barley does not require soaking and is prepared in a short time, with additional ingredients such as mushrooms, squash and zucchini. If, on the other hand, you are a lover of “meat”, a nice orzotto with sausage is truly special.
Do you want to make a combination that is not too widespread between the various kitchens? Try making “Milanese orchard” with our saffron.

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Pearl barley, Organic pearl barley

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