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Broken spelled, as well as pearl spelled, is a product that brings with it hundreds, even thousands, years of history. Infinite generations have brought this product from the first cave crops to our tables. Now it is we who pass the product from our crops directly to your home.

The Lavosi Maurizio company takes care of the crops and crops, a farm that sees spelled (and a few other niche products) as its main product which, in a more than traditional way, let’s say rooted, has its presence on the territory “always”.

Difference between integral, pearl and broken versions

Whole spelled is not normally on the market, it is not suitable for culinary use due to its “covering”. Then there is the pearly version and the broken version.

While the pearl spelled is deprived of the cuticle and keeps the internal part intact (the endosperm), the broken spelled is obtained from the subdivision of the cuticle from the endosperm (and the germ), giving rise to a more than digestible product, a rich element of nutrients and low in fat. Being also available in the organic version, it is perfect for everyone’s diet, from the very young to the elderly.

This product is not perfect for those who are intolerant to gluten but, for sure, it is a product that, being deprived of the external part and more resistant, is more digestible, giving the possibility to create dishes (especially soups) of great value nutritional. Spelled contains, for example, almost double the iron content compared to rice. Speaking of fibers, on average in 100 g of spelled there are about 10 g of fibers, representing 10% of the product.

Thanks to the broken spelled it is possible to create excellent soups and broths in a few minutes, it is perfect for combining with other peasant ingredients typical of central Italy such as potatoes, a very popular product also in the nearby town of Leonessa.

To stay on the subject, take a look also at PEARL SPELLED, an ideal product also for summer dishes.

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