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Roveja is the legume “found” in the territory, a small wild pea that, in recent decades, has been re-evaluated in much of the Valnerina, also reaching privileged positions in certain kitchens and environments.

What distinguishes this legume from its “peers” at a glance is its shape and color. It is almost perfectly spherical, let’s say similar to the classic peas, with a more wrinkled skin (it is however a dry legume) and with absolutely variegated colors. In the same crop we can find, in fact, some percentages of greener, more brown or more “gray” roveja. The final dish, therefore, is absolutely colorful and the product on sale always has an inviting appearance.

In our ecommerce you can buy both the classic version of roveja and the organic version, produced with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment.

Some ideas for the use of roveja

Find out how to make a good soup with wild peas.

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If we talk about roveja flour instead, we can go and discover farecchiata, a different “polenta”, a dish served by some local restaurants attentive to traditional food.

If you want to discover other particular legumes we recommend you try: cicerchia or black chickpeas. Three heterogeneous legumes for 3 completely different flavors.

Place of production: Cascia

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Roveja, Organic Roveja

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