Hulled Cicerchia

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The hulled cicerchia is the “peeled” version of our “pea d’India”, a dry legume that has been widespread for centuries in central Italy. This permanence, through the generations, has transformed it into a TRADITIONAL AGRI-FOOD PRODUCT (here you can find the list of PAT products in Umbria).

With cicerchie, thanks to its organoleptic properties, you can make healthy meals suitable for many different situations. You will find a percentage of carbohydrates equal to about 50% of the product, about 26-30 g of protein, an average of 5% of fiber and an average percentage of 1% -2% of fat (in some cases we are even 0.5 g on a sample of 100 g of product).

How to cook the peeled cicerchia

Online there are various recipes such as winter soup to be prepared calmly at home, and the only thing we can suggest is: soak this legume VERY, even if it is peeled. A soak of over 36 hours is more than recommended to rehydrate it and free it from any superfluous elements and, in some cases, not always perfect for health. Associa un lungo tempo di cottura e avrai un prodotto perfetto per la tua tavola.

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Hulled Cicerchia, Organic hulled cicerchia

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