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Cicerchia is also defined as “Indian pea”, but in reality it is so deeply rooted in the territory of Umbria that it is included in the PAT * list. The PAT * register is a set of traditional products and in Umbria there is a very limited selection of legumes. In the 2020 version, besides the cicerchia, we find: the bean of the lake, the bean of Cave and the lentils.

The cicerchia that you will find in our company is sown, processed, cultivated, harvested and packaged directly in our land, also creating “photographic” moments to live, if you want to see the most salient stages of processing CONTACT US.

Cicerchia is actually a legume very similar to peas and broad beans, but its appearance, normally “dry” associated with the gray-marble color, can almost confuse this product with gravel.

The recipes to prepare with this legume are varied. We recommend both the classic soup and the more summery fresh salad with cicerchia, mushrooms, olives and other products (also according to your personal taste). See here the example with a cicerchia salad.

Hereinstead you can see a cicerchia soup enriched with tomatoes, pork lard and bacon (recipe)

How to prepare the cicerchia before the recipe

What to add? As anticipated, this legume is dry, so it is necessary to plan well in advance in terms of preparation to keep it soaking with water at room temperature, and, if you want to increase the degree of tenderness of the product, with a spoonful of bicarbonate.

The recommended soaking time is between 8 and 12 hours. There are no particular problems in keeping legumes a little more soaking, but we advise you not to soak them for less than 6 hours. Otherwise, the final product in your dishes will be too compact and will cook too much on the outside and too little on the inside.


Place of cultivation: Cascia

* traditional agri-food products

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Cicerchia, Biological cicerchia

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