Peeled lentil

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The hulled lentil, which has always been present in our company’s product catalog, is a suitable product for making minestrone and soups. This legume can also be used in dozens of traditional recipes and hundreds of modern recipes.

Lentil has countless advantages: it is rich in vitamins and iron and the constant use of legumes and cereals helps to lead a healthy lifestyle and, at the same time, based on vegetarian habits.

All legumes are quite simple to use and very adaptable in the preparation of recipes; we can think, for example, of preparing lentils in salads to have a particular summer dish. In this case we recommend the whole mountain lentils and not peeled.

If, on the other hand, we want to evaluate the creation of an excellent cream of lentils, this version (peeled) is perfect. The result will be a creamy soup, where you can add other vegetables or to be enjoyed with toast.

How peeled lentils are made

The product at the base is always the same, it is a lentil that is scrupulously, mechanically, separated from its peel.

The appearance of this lentil is clearer, precisely by virtue of the fact that it no longer has the external part. The digestibility and texture of this product is exceptional.

The outer layer of the lentil is, for some people, more difficult to digest and lengthens the cooking times a bit.

Once the peel is removed, the peeled lentil looks like a “piece” of the original legume. After a short cooking, without the peel, it will be soft enough to be transformed into a velvety without leaving any more compact traces (as it can happen if you use whole lentils).


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Peeled lentil, Organic peeled lentil

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