Cannellini beans

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Cannellini beans are one of the smallest legume qualities among beans. Once cooked, they are tender and perfect for creating soups and broths.

Many of the modern bean varieties originate from the Americas and spread throughout Europe around 1500. Cannellini beans are probably one of the most widespread and appreciated variants today.

How to use cannellini beans in cooking

There are many products that can be combined with these legumes. Think for example of soups with mushrooms and beans, or, if you love creamier dishes, you can think of making a cannellini cream with porcini mushrooms.

For the creation of a soup full of flavors and healthy to the maximum we recommend the ribollita. Between Tuscany and the Marche there are many traditional dishes that use seasonal vegetables and legumes, Umbria is perfect for finding both raw materials and excellent combinations with other products of our lands.

A selection of ready-made legumes

These beans have been combined, together with a more complete selection, in a package rich in taste: the mixed fantasy.

Another widely used quality, probably as well known as these cannellini beans, are borlotti beans.

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