Black beans

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Black beans, unlike black chickpeas, are a completely different product from the standard. The photo you can see on this page describes one of the thousand ways to use black beans: a nice dessert!

Yes, this quality of beans (a bit like you do with azuki), has a flavor that allows you to marry them very well with recipes that are tastier than others. On this occasion we replaced the soft wheat flour with a black bean purée, obviously after having boiled them well.

Black beans are, naturally and without any transformation process, gluten-free and can therefore be considered a beautiful and very good solution for the preparation of desserts for celiacs. Obviously the taste of the beans makes the dessert different, let’s say something to try! The final result is extremely crumbly and soft.

Check out Stefania’s recipe for making gluten-free brownies here.

There are, as with other products, several possible uses and some prefer stronger and spicy flavors, as can also be done with devil beans. In those cases one can think of recipes such as Mexican beans. This product, having a thin skin, remains very creamy and allows you to create excellent dishes where flavors, spices, aromas blend together.

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