Saffron in pistils 0.5 g

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If you are looking for a particular product such as pure Cascia saffron, you have come to the right place. The Lavosi Maurizio farm has been producing the spice which is also defined as “red gold” for several years.

The value of this spice, comparing it to its weight, is very high, but always paying attention to how it is used, 2-3 stigmas per person are enough, thus giving the right value to the product that you can use in the kitchen.

The pure saffron of Cascia is rich in mineral salts and the greatest presence is represented by potassium, followed by phosphorus and magnesium. In addition to these substances, we can point out, within saffron, vitamin C and folic acid.

We also point out that what attributes its therapeutic properties to this spice is a substance present in the pistils of the flower, the part that we actually dry: safranal, the same substance that also gives the unmistakable scent. The color instead is given by antioxidants: crocin and crocetin, two carotenoids. Discover the properties of the spice on the VIVERSANO website.

Don’t you know other dishes besides saffron risotto? Don’t you know what is the difference between saffron in sachets and saffron in stigmas / pistils? Have you never tasted the taste of real saffron? Take a look at this video and find out how to use saffron in pistils in the kitchen and discover many recipes already tested.

In our ecommerce you will find saffron in 4 packs, all approved by the association that protects the Pure Saffron of Cascia:

Microportion of saffron of 0.1 g

Small package of saffron of 0.3 g

Valetto for the 0.5 g saffron family

1 g jar of Cascia saffron

Place of production: Cascia

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