Single portion saffron in pistils 0.1 g

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If you have never tried saffron you can think of taking the single-portion version of saffron, a small package suitable for the preparation of about 4 portions of saffron food. For example, with this package you can prepare about 4 risottos or 4 saffron roasts. For those unfamiliar with many recipes, we recommend taking a look at this website with many Cascia saffron recipes.

The filaments that you find in single-portion saffron are harvested strictly by hand and, as for all other stages of processing, are carried out in Cascia, in the fields of our farm and in our packaging laboratory.

The properties of this spice are numerous and, even if in the past it was also used for the coloring of foods, today, when its merits are better known, it is managed in a more careful and prudent way. All packages are hermetically sealed and, in this way, both the aroma and the structure of the filament are preserved.

In our ecommerce you will find saffron in 4 packs, all approved by the association that protects the Pure Saffron of Cascia:

Microportion of saffron of 0.1 g

Small package of saffron of 0.3 g

Valetto for the 0.5 g saffron family

1 g jar of Cascia saffron

Place of production: Cascia

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