Saffron in pistils 0.3 g

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The saffron in a glass jar is produced by the Lavosi Maurizio farm at all stages. From sowing to drying and packaging, we always take care of the product and, therefore, we can give the maximum guarantee on its processing. Buy in peace an excellent product of the Italian culinary culture and take home the taste of Cascia.

The production of saffron in Cascia

Since the Middle Ages, the territory of Cascia and its surroundings were known for CAFCIA SAFFRONAME and recent works have made it possible to re-evaluate a quality product.

With this package of saffron in a glass jar you will have 0.3 g of pistils and you can prepare various courses for your most refined dishes. If you want to make a more continuous use, we recommend that you take a look at the version of saffron in 1 gram pistils. With the large package you will have the opportunity to prepare many dishes for the whole family and save on costs. It is always necessary to consider about 2-3 stigmas per person.

Buy this product now to be able to receive it at your home, with delivery by express courier.

The packages travel in closed cardboard boxes and the saffron is protected by its own additional cardboard box that contains a glass jar with a cork stopper. The packaging is multilayered (cardboard, glass and cork) and allows to keep the product intact in all the various conditions, creating a perfect environment for safeguarding the properties of saffron.

In our ecommerce you will find saffron in 4 packs, all approved by the association that protects the Pure Saffron of Cascia:

Microportion of saffron of 0.1 g

Small package of saffron of 0.3 g

Valetto for the 0.5 g saffron family

1 g jar of Cascia saffron

Place of production: Cascia

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