Borlotti beans

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Borlotti beans are certainly among the best known legumes in the Italian territory, they marry perfectly with a thousand solutions and are really practical to use. Their thin skin, their structure neither too big nor too small, promotes them as a “multipurpose” product.

Among their properties we can say that over half of their structure is composed of carbohydrates (about 60%). This source of carbohydrates leads them to be a truly “energetic” food.

Their diffusion is also due to the ease of production. We also remember that, like other legumes, beans are rich in lecithin, a phospholipid that prevents the accumulation of fat in the blood and naturally reduces the cholesterol level. Used constantly (in the right doses) in the kitchen, they help us fight obesity too. Obviously you have to pay attention to the condiments.

Some recipes with borlotti beans

Let’s imagine pasta and beans, or a dish of stewed beans, are always welcome dishes. Other dishes such as beans with pork rinds can be “heavier”.

We recommend two “quick” and at the same time tasty recipes, to be prepared also with borlotti beans: ciavarroand brecciata.
These two flavorful dishes use both these beans and other legumes and grains, but watch out for the term “quick preparation”: dried legumes should always be soaked before cooking.

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