Red beans

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Discover with us red beans, a very particular legume, similar in some ways to black beans, with a taste tending to sweet.

Legumes are divided into many types of product, from lentils, to cicerchie, to soy, passing through beans. In this last great family we can find these red beans which, rich in vitamins and fibers, are a perfect ally for our intestine.

This type of legume in English is called kidney beans and owes its name not only to the color but also to the shape: in English the word kidney means “kidney” (the anatomical part). In the past there was a belief (not entirely wrong) that invited people to use a specific product to help certain parts of the body that they aesthetically resembled: the kidneys are very similar to these beans and their chemical properties favor their correct work.

These legumes are similar but not identical to the “cousins” azuki beans, with which they share some properties (including red and sweetish flavor, but they are not exactly the same). In this video you can see the differences between red beans and azuki beans.

Recipes to try with red beans

Try beans with sausages in a very “rich” soup.

Try making burritowith these beans

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