Round beans

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The round beans appear as small absolutely white balls, let’s say a decidedly more contained version of the spain beans or ciavattoni.

Like the other dried beans, this type has a fairly “thick” skin that protects it in the various states of ripeness. It should be kept soaking for at least 24 hours.

A peculiarity of round beans is the fact that they are really small, their interior remains tender and can be used both for fresh salads and in soups and winter soups. Even after a short cooking the product is tender, being small it cooks quickly. In summer preparations we recommend combining it with fresh onions with a little canned tuna.

Find out some recipes to make with round beans

These simple recipes allow you to create interesting dishes that take advantage of the tenderness of this small legume: its structure is small and resembles a pea

Baby octopus with beans

Baby octopus salad

Among the soups that can be made with these beans there are many, such as Misya’s recipe, which can also be adapted very well with these small round beans.

An advice we usually give is to always have some beans aside for a “sudden” soup and then also consider making a preventive cooking, freezing the product in single portions. The subsequent preparation of the soup will be really fast and you will have a product made exclusively with the ingredients that you will put on your plate.

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