Mountain minestrone

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The mountain minestrone does not need anything special to become a ready-made dish. This soup is to be made with the simple addition of a vegetable broth and oil, the rest is already all contained within the package.

Contents: barley, spelled, lentils, hulled cicerchia, hulled lentils

Inside the packaging of this soup we find both cereals such as barley and spelled, and legumes such as lentils and cicerchia.

Tips for preparing mountain minestrone

These ingredients go well together in a single dish to give both texture and flavor.
Try making this soup on the coldest days of winter and your day will be enlivened by a hot soup full of flavor and nutrients.
If you want to give even more “body” to the preparation you can add potatoes or a little soup pasta: you will create truly unique and suggestive variations for your palate.

Other ingredients that can be used in the preparation of this soup are onions or, for the more daring palates, fresh ginger.

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Alternatives for other types of soups and ministers

If, on the other hand, you love products that allow you to create a softer soup, almost a velvety one, we can recommend you to try grandma’s soup. This other soup contains hulled lentils along with broken spelled and other ingredients that will blend perfectly in your dishes.

If, on the other hand, at home you love colorful dishes rich in different products, we recommend that you take a look at the mixed fantasy that includes many legumes and cereals from our farm.

Place of production: Cascia

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Mountain minestrone, Organic mountain minestrone

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