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Spelled (the name of this product in Latin is “far”) probably represents the oldest cereal found among the finds of our agricultural heritage. With a little processing we can obtain the present pearl spelled, that is, without episperm or seminal integument.

A bit of history

There are documents that speak of the cultivation of this cereal dating back to 10,000 years BC. The testimony comes from some civilizations located between the Mediterranean and the Caucasus region, the current territory of Turkey. These areas first gave rise to the cultivation of “spelled-small”, then the crops were converted into the cultivation of the “medium” version, the “dicocco” quality.

Diffusion in Italy

To date, the “dicocco” quality is cultivated in Italy and its origins on Italian soil certainly date back to over 2000 years ago, in the central region, Valnerina, and specifically in the territory of Monteleone di Spoleto, where in recent years it has been arrived to certify these crops with the PDO qualification.

We are located in the municipality of Cascia, adjacent to Monteleone di Spoleto, and we grow spelled in the Cascia land. Our product is sold without the DOP qualification, as it is linked to the municipality of Monteleone di Spoleto, but with the ORGANIC certification, an index of high quality.

Spelled owes its popularity and diffusion in Italy also thanks to the use made of it by the Roman Empire. The troops left with bread, focaccia and polenta created thanks to the cultivation of this resistant and adaptable cereal to many soils.

The production of spelled has, in the long run, been supplanted by the production of wheat, a product that is easier to process, which does not require certain types of processing and, therefore, has a lower production cost.

Once threshed (discover in this video how we work the land) the grain maintains a shell that can be removed with PEARLING. The pearl spelled allows us to use the tastiest part of this cereal, without the “seminal blanket“. The external part represents the “cover” of the grain and is also calledepisperm or seminal integument.

Not only whole, this product can also be minced to be used in various preparations. The word flour derives from spelled: probably the first cereal to be finely chopped.

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Organic pearl spelled

The production is very adaptable to the soil and you can have a good harvest even without chemical treatments (obviously with a lower yield). We believe in ORGANIC crops and, for this reason, in the Lavosi Maurizio farm, you will find the organic range also for pearl spelled and broken spelled.

With our spelled you can prepare excellent winter soups or you can indulge yourself with nice summer dishes where the pearled version can replace rice in the preparation of cold dishes in an absolutely efficient way.

Other coordinated products

Another product that is made by our company, with a small additional processing of this cereal, is puffed spelled, which can be an excellent idea for both breakfast and other types of culinary creations

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Place of cultivation: Cascia

Below is another video dedicated to a very simple recipe

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