Mixed fantasy

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The “mixed fantasy” package is our mixed soup of cereals and legumes that we prefer to let customers taste: it is a package with many products, it becomes varied and above all well balanced.

Contains: borlotti beans, cannellini beans, black beans, round beans, wink beans, red beans, pearl barley, pearl spelled, lentils, chickpeas, cicerchia, hulled lentils, hulled broad beans.

The mixed fantasy is the ideal product for those who want color, flavor and taste on their table. To make it, you could take barley, spelled and many legumes to mix them together. Many different packages to create a super colorful dish rich in vitamins and low in fat or cholesterol.

What does the mixed cereal and legume soup contain?

Within the fantasy mix you will find both black beans, round beans, winks, reds and, of course, also the much more famous cannellini beans and borlotti beans. All products, in a balanced dose, are combined with barley and spelled, chickpeas, cicerchia and broad beans and the inevitable lentil.

With this soup you can create colorful and at the same time excellent soups for the cold winter, or you can cook everything to give rise to imaginative and fun salads of legumes and cereals, thus creating cold dishes perfect for the summer. Check out lots of soup making ideas here.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a classic soup, with a creamier flavor and with peeled products, we recommend Grandma’s soup.

Place of production: Italy

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