Puffed spelled

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The puffed spelled available in the Lavosi Maurizio company comes from our high altitude crops. This product is great both for making desserts and for use as part of breakfast, along with milk or yogurt. All our crops are located at an altitude between about 800 m and 1000 m above sea level.

Within our ecommerce there is also the version with added honey and the version with chocolate.

The calorie intake is relatively low and the presence of fat is almost non-existent, puffed spelled is an excellent product for breakfast, as it still maintains a high nutritional value and, at the same time, a high number of fibers.

Use puffed spelled with milk, yogurt and create sweet snacks

Try combining a little spelled with your morning breakfast items and you will discover how you can keep the taste by taking away what “makes you fat”.

This type of product, as well as spelled cakes, is ideal for all those who wish to have a healthy breakfast with wholesome products with no added sugars.

Have you ever tried making small sweet snacks with a little puffed spelled? Thanks to this product your creations will always remain light and the irregular surface of the cereal will make it easy to combine the various ingredients. Take a look at this chocolaty preparation.


Place of production: Cascia

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Puffed spelled, Organic puffed spelled

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