Puffed spelled with honey

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Our puffed spelled with honey can be an excellent alternative to an afternoon snack, especially if combined with a yogurt or combined with the ingredients for making a parfait.

The addition of honey makes this product tastier and still manages to keep it healthy. We recommend everyone to try it with a good cup of plain yogurt. The yogurt is enhanced by the light sweet flavor of this spelled, creating a fresh and decidedly low-calorie breakfast despite the addition of some sugars.

There are also those who use this product as an ingredient in more “complex” recipes, such as the chocolate salami made with spelled.

Obviously it will be your imagination that will give the best results when preparing extravagant and original recipes.

Although there are always those who make particular combinations, in this case we do not recommend you to combine this product for savory recipes, there are other products more appropriate than this. If you want to find a product free of added sugars, we recommend that you take a look at simple puffed spelled. Spelled is always in the cerealssection of this website.

if, on the other hand, you want to enrich your breakfast with another product from our ecommerce, we recommend trying the puffed spelled cakes, to which you can add your fresh honey.

Place of production: Cascia

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Puffed spelled with honey, Puffed spelled with organic honey