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Our bramata corn flour is an excellent flour for the preparation of polenta with a more robust flavor and a rougher appearance. The flour bramata is processed precisely to obtain a coarser grain, also creating a “thicker flavor”.

Quality craved corn flour

All the flours of the Maurizio Lavosi farm use maize and other products to be “chopped” of first quality and always of Italian origin.

With this type of flour you can also make other preparations, as well as the classic polenta, but, for those looking for a more refined and thin corn flour, suitable for example for bread dough, pizza and more processed products, we can recommend the purchase of corn flour.

We remind you that this flour is also excellent for the creation of your desserts, in fact corn is naturally gluten-free and, although it cannot be said that it is the same as wheat flour, it can still be used for many other recipes. Corn flour is also special for your favorite pancakes or for all those dishes that need to remain crumbly and gluten-free!

As with other flours, we advise you to “experiment” by creating slightly different combinations of raw materials in the dough. Each dough will be different and, once you have found the right combination, we advise you to write down the doses and percentages to reproduce it later.

Place of production: Italy

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